Introducing DC Scholars Public
Charter School's new Elementary
School Director: Jessica Hiltabidel

PATH Core Values


    • Be and stay organized

    • Use complete sentences

    • Be on time and prepared when you come to school and class – bring supplies, uniform and the right attitude

    • Follow all procedures and directions

    • * For K-2nd P is for PREPARED


    • Demonstrate good listening skills, eye contact and posture

    • Be committed to your studies and to learning because it will make you smarter

    • Read all directions, participate and ask insightful questions


    • Be nice – treat others as you would like to be treated

    • Be community-oriented and help others whenever possible

    • Show respect to yourself, classmates, teachers/staff, families and the school

    • Always use Please, Excuse Me, Thank You, Sorry and You’re Welcome whenever possible


    • Set high goals for yourself and do what is needed to achieve and exceed them

    • Do your homework

    • Persevere — stick to it when things aren’t going your way

    • Have PRIDE— Personal Responsibility In Demanding Excellence